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Syllabi on Medicine, Nazism and the Holocaust

Course name



Target audience

Length of course



Note worthy 


Medical (MAL) Practices Under the Nazi Regime

Sari J. Siegel, PhD

Ceder Sinai Hospital, Los Angles, USA

Hospital affiliates in training and post training as well as the general public

6 weeks - 6 sessions of 90 minutes

Lectures and readings


Open to the general public

Anatomy and Ethical Transgressions in National Socialist (Nazi) Germany

Sabine Hildebrandt, MD

Harvard University, Boston, USA

Freshman medical students

14 weeks - 4 credit points

Lectures and readings

Weekly readings, final essay projects and presentations

Optional reading included youtube links of films and interviews

Medical Ethics After the Holocaust

Ashley K. Fernandes, MD, PhD

Ohio State University College of Medicine, Ohio, USA

4th year medical students

150 hours content, 4 AC credits

10 in person classes with 3 hours prereading



The Holocaust And Medical Ethics

Dr. David Brenner

University of Houston, USA


3 credits


Weekly quizzes 30% Moderating class discussion 10% Class participation 15% MIDTERM EXAM 10% TERM PAPER (“research paper” in stages) 35%


The Holocaust: Lessons For Medicine

Prof. Dr. Esteban González López, Prof. Rosa Ríos Cortés

Department of Medicine. Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain

Elective course, open to students in any year of studies

3 credit points




Medicine And Nursing In The Holocaust And Onwards

Prof. Shmuel Reis

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Elective course for Medical students and Nursing students

2 credits, 13 weeks




Memory and Representation in Holocaust Cinema

Dr. Barbara Hales

University of Houston-Clear Lake, USA


15 weeks

Reading and film watching at home in preparation for class discussion

One in-class presentation, weekly reader response papers, 20-25 page original term paper on a theme which evolves from class material


Healing by Killing: Medical Ethics after the Holocaust

Sheldon Rubenfeld, M.D

Baylor College of Medicine, USA


30 meetings

Bi-weekly lectures

1 short paper on medicine during the Third Reich, 1 short paper on American eugenics and 1 final paper on medical ethics after the Holocaust


Teaching the Holocaust in Nursing and Medical Education in Australia

Linda Shields, Peter Hartin, Kirril Shields, Susan Benedict


Australian nursing/midwifery >> Medical schools





Medicine, Nazism and the Holocaust

Miriam Offer, PhD

Tel-Aviv University, Israel


13 weeks


End of course examination


FASPE Medical


Berkin, Krakow and Oświęcim


13 days




Medicine and the Holocaust

Tessa Chelouche, MD
Omer Goldstein, MD

Technion  University Medical School, Haifa, Israel

2nd -3rd year students, Elective course

12-13 lessons, 2 hours each

Guest lecturers, Film and videoed material

8-10- page paper on a subject of  choice, which may include the interview of a Holocaust survivor


Bioethics and the Holocaust

Stacy Gallen, PhD

MIMEH & New York Medical College


14 weeks

Virtual Zoom meetings

Reflection Assignments (2 per week)


Reflections on Medicine in the Holocaust רפואה בָּבוּאַת השואה

Matthew Fox, MD

Shani Levany, BSc

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel

Second Year Medical school students

13 weeks, 2-hours lecture each week

Lectures and class assignments + reflective writing

Participation, Reflective writing

Formally an elective, as of 2021 a required course

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