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The Lancet Commission on Medicine and the Holocaust has put together a Student Advisory Council that consists of 15 students.

This diverse Student Advisory Council (SAC) is committed to the objectives of the Commission, active participation in and ongoing advising on Commission initiatives and progress, and sharing ideas and interests including contemporary topics of importance related to their personal and professional development. SAC members serve as “ambassadors” or liaisons to their own institutions, assisting with dissemination of Commission results/products.


Tasks of the student advisory council include:

- Reviewing the Commission's work and providing timely feedback on Commission's proceedings and documents

- Presenting own ideas and insights

- Background readings and inquiry as relevant

- Maintaining email/ZOOM communication with the Commission and with other members of the SAC

- Attending virtual and on-site meetings: Commission's and SAC's

Members of the SAC:

Abigail Leibowitz

Cristina Bejarano Roma

Georgia Livieri

Mercedes Prodromou

Shani Levany
Head of SAC

Catherine Read

Dali Yakoub

Jennifer Igwe

Muhammad Athallah Arsyaf

Shubham Gupta

Clemens Jobst

Emma Nalianya

Max Stone

Rounak Verma

Yimeng Jin 

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